we’re proud that members of Seneca’s community were recognized as leaders in their fields and rewarded for their excellence

Ramya Kottapalli James B Located in Toronto, York is the third largest university in Canada, with a strong community of 53,000 students, 7,000 faculty and administrative staff, and more than 300,000 alumni School of Aviation & Flight Technology (FPR) Five ongoing multi-year projects in place with an additional two projects in negotiation phase

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING BOOKINGS FOR SPRING 2018 These often take 6-8 weeks to process

Please make every effort to schedule personal commitments outside of classroom hours as absences may jeopardize your ability to successfully pass the course Security

Award: Joe Dickstein Scholarship 10, 2018 - Seneca has partnered with KYC2020 List Screening solution to provide students with hands-on experience with its SmartScreen offering Open source goes beyond coding for Seneca students The recipient shows the most improvement by trying to do a little bit better in class and on related fashion projects throughout the program FACULTY OF WORKFORCE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: BOS, CAP, CVP

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