Scope This policy applies to all Seneca employees who communicate with government officials regarding funding or policy discussions of relevance to Seneca or who administer projects and programs that receive government funding

Drumming at Aboriginal Day celebration Ontario Universities All-Star Game at the Rogers Centre in May So, you should work towards a high GPA because that will help with your pathway options and where you are accepted CampusSeneca@YorkTuition8,506

Co-ordinate, implement and validate molecular biology procedures It is a practical course designed to be of use to students in their daily work as Rehabilitation Counselors Indigenous agencies/ organizations

Thank-you mingle Policy revisions are in progress For more information, please go to the Newnham Fitness Centre website

good academic performance, with a G For collaborative projects involving external partners, a letter of understanding about responsibilities, deliverables, and intellectual property rights must accompany application for research funds 0844 Muskoka Athena’s Sexual Assault Counselling & Advocacy Centre 705

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