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The direct operating grants from the Ontario government received by Seneca now represent roughly one-third of our total revenue, far outpaced by tuition from domestic and international students B604: Leonard and Gabryela Osin Foundation Social Service Worker (Gerontology) Award

Vivienne Poy Fashion Arts Health Sciences Mia Spiegelman Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations Recent Graduate Joelene Huber Broadcast Journalism Summer Institute Technology Chris Tyler Internet Systems Administration 2015 Business Marc Caira Marketing Administration Community Service Brett Kemp Law Enforcement Creative Arts and Design Candice Batista Broadcasting - Radio & TV (Journalism) Health Sciences Fabio Rotondo Biological Research Technology Recent Graduate Perdita Felicien Broadcast Journalism Summer Institute Technology Tony Lourakis Computer Programming & Operating 2014 Business Caroline Charter Business Administration - Marketing Community Service Brenda Librecz Marketing Creative Arts and Design David Common Broadcasting - Radio and Television Health Sciences Fazal Khan Ophthalamic Dispenser Recent Graduate Marina Siu-Chong Independent Illustration Technology Steve Linthwaite Aviation Flight Technology 2013 Business Henry Zhang Computer Networking and Technical Support Community Service Geraldine Heaney Recreation Creative Arts and Design Colin D’Mello Journalism Health Sciences Michelle Dakin Advanced Investigations and Enforcement Recent Graduate Gordon Scheel International Business Management Technology David Johnson Fire Protection Engineering Technology 2012 Business Mario Iusi Building Environmental Sciences Community Service Jo Gomes Social Service Worker Creative Arts and Design Jully Black Law Enforcement Health Sciences Catherine Mayers Nursing Recent Graduate Grace Batumbya Computer Engineering Technology, Software Development Degree Technology Cole Mackin Creative Advertising 2011 Business Winston Stewart Law Enforcement Community Service Armand La Barge Investigative Sciences Creative Arts and Design Melissa Grelo Broadcasting Radio-TV Health Sciences Major (Retired) Lee-Anne Quinn Nursing Recent Graduate Astha Tamang-Maskey Independent Music Production Technology Piyush Gandhi Aviation Flight Technology 2010 Business Philip Sparks Fashion Arts Community Service Angela James Recreation Facilities Management Creative Arts and Design Drew Hayden Taylor Broadcasting Radio-TV Health Sciences Carol Mark Nursing Recent Graduate Adrien Veczan Independent Digital Photography Technology Kevin Junor Civil Engineering Technician 2008 Business Justin Howe Computer Engineering Technology (Co-op), 1999 Creative Arts and Design Philip Sparks Fashion Arts, 2003 Health Sciences Chris Torti Early Childhood Education, 2000 Recent Graduate Azra Rashid Journalism-Broadcast, 2005 2007 Business Mauricio Ospina INB, 1997 Community Service Winston Stewart LCD, 1992 Creative Arts and Design Sandy Naiman ACM, 1971 Health Sciences Major Lee-Anne Quinn DNS, 1986 Recent Graduate Aman Bhatia FASR, 2005 2006 Business Josee Dykun HRMC, 1993 Community Service Marie Clarke Walker ECE, 1998 Creative Arts & Design Robert Barsony RTV, 1986 Health Sciences Anne-Marie Dean DNS, 1995 Recent Graduate Karl Chang AFT, 2004 Technology Andrew Crow BRT, 1988 2005 Business Helen Szumigaj BAD, 1983 Community Service Chief Armand Labarge ISPM, 1986 Creative Arts & Design Lawrence DeFlorio DAN, 1997 Health Sciences Catherine Martin AHT, 1990 2004 Applied Arts - Creative Arts & Design The Hon duplication Financial Services Compliance Administration Newnham During scheduled class Fire Protection Engineering Technician Newnham During ICS001 class Fire Protection Engineering Technology Newnham During ICS001 class Firefighter, Pre-Service Education and Training Newnham Fire Training Centre July 9, 23, 30, 10:00 a Claim Approvals The Seneca College Ombudsperson operates according to The Ombudsperson Association Code of Ethics

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