Preference is given to a first or second semester student

Pay Duty Officer - An off duty police officer who is hired through the Toronto or York Regional Police Services to assist with security related duties Vubble is collaborating with Dr A resume with the focus on any professional or volunteer positions that demonstrate creative or artistic talents 64 of 68 programs completed formative reviews M3L1A2

Student Affairs and Services Seneca College Certificate Within five days from the date recorded on the Academic Appeal Committee’s formal decision letter Student 2

Launch Seneca International (Mobility) initiative to provide global experiences for students and faculty To develop a Park Maintenance Plan for open spaces and for recreational facilities School of Recreation and Environmental Studies - DTR, EVLC, FHP, RLSC, UWS An Indigenous education framework developed in consultation with the Seneca Aboriginal Education Council and Indigenous design elements for CITE finalized The institute is distinguished by its commitment to finding solutions to the great predicaments of the day through advanced technology

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