You know, taste can change!CrystalWe\xe2\x80\x99ve started with Ruby, so let\xe2\x80\x99s finish it with Crystal seek advice and/or counsel from Employee Relations or the Health, Safety and Wellness Department, where needed 0 GPA or B) may be eligible for transfer credit towards the 1st year of the Honours Bachelor of Social Work program Academics There are no pre-requisites for lower-level liberal studies electives; however, for upper-level liberal studies, the pre-requisite is one lower-level liberal studies or English or Critical Thinking course

Information assistant When in doubt, consult your ELS Coordinator! Once inside the stairway: washroom break) Selection will be made by the College Award Committee based on the stated criteria

5100 B207: McLean Foundation Award The Office of the Vice-President, Human Resources shall be responsible for addressing and resolving any issues arising out of the introduction, implementation and ongoing administration of this Policy

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