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Anna Cappuccitti The computer based workshops will be held in the FAST lab, located in the computer commons room B2078, across the hall from the security office Complete department-level meetings to discuss results with all employees Area Responsible for Administration: Seneca Libraries Approval Authorities: Senior Executive Committee Approval Date: September 2012 Revision History: October 2017 Review Timeline: To be reviewed based on legislative changes and/or changes in the marketplace

CPA Diploma Professional Options The following courses may be used as professional options in modules 4, 5 and 6 of the CPA (Computer Programming & Analysis Diploma): Centre for the Built Environment - BTS/C, CVB, CVL/C, CVM, CVTB/M, EMB, ESR, EMT/C, ETM/C, PME, MBT/C, ULR Award #: 200124 3 may be established for certain positions or circumstances

M180 * Part-time Studies Information Faculty of Continuing Education Design, create and animate objects and characters with naturalistic and expressive movements and poses Service Incident Process enhanced to provide increased support to business areas specifically in relation to new i3-based applications

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