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A student who has applied to OSAP is required to complete and submit this form using one of the methods outlined below What's College Like? Watch these audio slideshows & hear from other first generation students Fines resulting from border crossing violations

For discussions about other than full reviews, members of the REB may elect to participate in these meetings by teleconference if necessary Legal Assistant Seneca College Certificate Failure to achieve scholastic standard will result in a probation period 4 will be considered into 15-month postgraduate degree programs It requires years of hard work

Mark Solomon (Administrative Staff Governor) Through Ontario’s School-College-Work Initiative, more than 900 dual credit students from seven local school boards are enrolled at Seneca each year Seneca College has a number of awards open to students in all programs, as well as a number of awards available to students in specific programs: Plagiarism is using someone else’s work (words, images, ideas, phrases, signatures, or computations) and presenting it as one’s own, instead of properly documenting every source

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