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B803: Lori-Anne Pennells-Barre Award policies, relevant Seneca College policies and any contractual agreements the S

Zeinab chose to provide incoming Syrian refugees with information to help them once they arrive in Canada Syrian Refugees in Canada Facebook page – Child Development Practitioner student Zeinab Jajeh, who came to Canada from Syria in 2008, created a Facebook page called Syrian Refugees in Canada for a class project Parking lot availability is subject to change

Flowers Established by the Computer Studies Student Council as a tribute to Laura Flanagan, Chair, School of Computer Studies, dedicated teacher and friend to all that knew her at Seneca, this award is open to any student currently enrolled in a fulltime, daytime program in the CPA, CPD or CPAC programs with a minimum GPA of 2 The third line is a combination of a letter and numbers Award: Jim Streeter Endowed Bursary

She’s funny, elegant and poised Other Activities

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