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Senior Executive Committee APPLIED ARTS AND HEALTH SCIENCES Awarded to a graduating student in the Real Property Administration or Real Property Administration (Accelerated) program with above average grades in all RPA courses Achieved: Language Across the Curriculum implemented in 20 Faculty of Business programs at both NH and MK

In cooperation with faculty, administrators and students, Student Affairs practitioners provide specific educational services and programs designed to facilitate the achievement of the student's educational, personal and career goals Lynne McMullen, Director, Business Development, School of Aviation, is pictured with one of the school's 22 planes at Peterborough Campus You will be able to review our offer of admission and confirm the program of your choice In most courses students will require a USB Drive for storing programming assignments

This eight-month certificate program is designed to help you improve your English language skills before you begin a postsecondary program or enter the workforce Marketing and Communications Specialist html use the Google Search Bar to find the Mortgage Agent Program, then Course, Availability and Outline This course focuses on the reciprocal partnership between the families of children living with special needs and the service team The Director of College Services, or designate, shall be responsible for:

Students will only be permitted to use aids outlined on the RTTF Civil Engineering Technician Newnham During CBE101 NAA, NBB classes Civil Engineering Technology Newnham During CBE101 NAA, NBB classes Civil Engineering Technology (Joint Seneca/York) Newnham During CBE101 NAA, NBB classes Clinical Research Seneca@York S2171 During scheduled class College Opportunities Newnham During scheduled class Computer Engineering Technology Newnham D4050 During ISS100 NAA, NBB classes Computer Networking and Technical Support Seneca@York DB4040 August 27 at 10:00 a Professor Valerie Lopes, Director of Teaching and Learning, has spearheaded the curriculum development efforts for UCA’s first-year students Award #: G100 * Does my tuition get automatically deducted from my OSAP? If you chose to have OSAP to remit fees on your behalf to Seneca any outstanding fees listed on your Student Service Center account at the time of your confirmation of enrolment will be sent to the College

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