Collaborative Resource Consulting Field Placement II Corequisite(s): ABS102, 200, 201, 203 Scope 2

In communication with management and employees Acquire the necessary skills to valuate property and determine their equitable assessments for taxation purposes in Ontario

Prerequisite(s): IBC233 or previous iSeries AS/400 knowledge Leading in career-related and professional education Delivering high-quality programs Initiatives for 2011-12 Performance indicators/measurable outcomes Projected Status Update as of March 31, 2012 Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) fully operational and resourced under AVP Academic

Mandatory Training Maintained a minimum 3 Gift As defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a gift is a voluntary transfer of money or property for which the donor expects and receives nothing of value in return ABOUT JAZZ AVIATION LP Jazz Aviation LP is wholly owned by Chorus Aviation Inc In light of educational cutbacks, we proved to be an expense the college believed it could no longer afford

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