Engaging audiences and increasing the frequency and quality of customer interactions is less an option than a necessity

Unfortunately, when the time came to actually pursue that path, Martin found himself with very few options Congratulations, Kelly! More information and photos are available on Kelly's Twitter page

Every Seneca program will provide opportunities for students to transfer credits within or outside the institution through mechanisms such as laddered credentials and block credit exit points and transfer agreements Two college-to-college pathways established with partner institutions by March 2015

"The Seneca Summer Animation Institute is really unique because it allows graduating students to work with award-winning directors and filmmakers like Chris Landreth CHI710 Damage Seneca’s relationship with the federal or provincial government, or other agencies providing funding to Seneca There are different voting rule methods that have been implemented everywhere from computer systems to democratic elections The national charitable initiative saw a nine-story high paint can balloon fly coast-to-coast throughout Canada, raising awareness and offering rides to children with life threatening illnesses

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