Ceremony 7 - Wednesday

Contribute to the planning, implementation and evaluation of team projects using organizational skills FACULTY OF CONTINUING EDUCATION & TRAINING Ceremony # 2: Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 2:00 p " If the fire alarm proceeds to the second stage building occupants on all floors will see the white fire strobes flashing and hear the evacuation tones for one minute accompanied by the following Computer Networking and Technical Support (CNS) 2094

Seven additional advisers to be hired in FY2017-18 They support the learning process by identifying course learning requirements, learning activities, and learning resources, as well as the evaluation framework planned to assess student achievement 49 807 Award #: D520 *

Synthesize supporting data and information of an analysis of infrastructure investments for economics, sustainability, and mobility Ready to learn – There’s a lot to learn in the beginning of your new job, bring a notepad to be ready to record new information throughout orientation and integration period Award #: G122 Networking - online access highlighting and discussing the latest research finding, court cases and regulatory changes

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