A key component of UCA’s co-operation with Seneca is the professional development of UCA staff

Smart growth in enrolment, revenues and assets Book & Supply Costs 2012/2013 Occupational-Specific Language Training at Seneca - https://www2 New cross-disciplinary learning opportunities developed in 50 per cent of academic schools by March 2016

Richard received a monetary prize and the opportunity to dress Leafs’ Nation for the entire 2017/18 season Develop and produce a short documentary film – whether as a stand-alone or a demo – demonstrating production and post-production, including writing, directing, producing, shooting, interviewing, editing, and mastering output to different formats \r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\r\rBlueprints Technical Guide\r\r\rTechnical guide for programmers working with Blueprints

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